Interactive todo list in preview of a .md file

Hi guys,
little help is needed.

I want to be able to check the boxes of a to-do list in the preview mode of a .md file in my repository. Is there any way that I could do so?

I have tried to find a solution but I couldn’t.

Thanks for any help

you mean, this ?


just put an x to appear it checked

Hi, thanks for replying.

Yes, but not a static checkbox. I need to the checkbox be interactive in order to be able myself to check/uncheck the box in preview mode.

I know that in Markdown everything is rendered and after you cannot really make any change until you go back to edit mode and edit it.

For comments, pull requests etc there are some add-ons/extensions that allow you to add interactive checkboxes BUT they don’t work in .md files in repositories when you are in preview mode.

not very sure of this one, but the idea is that, GitHub Actions can modify files, so you can modify the Markdown file and be dynamic but I don’t know what will be the constraints of this one

if that is a page, better use JavaScript and HTML and it will surely be a dynamic checkbox

Thank you very much for your reply.
I will definitely have a look at it and send you back.
Have a nice day :wink: