Integration of a GPRS Printer

I am trying to integrate a GPRS printer with one of my woocommerce website. I do not have much experience with woocommerce. To set up the printer, I need 2 pieces of information:

  1. Order File Path: This is the file that processes the order when generated from the website, it also triggers the email to the shop about the order receipt.
  2. Callback URL: This should be the active server page name where the printer submits the reply.

I am ready to pay a reasonable fee for this info. Can somebody help me?

 Khaavir Raza

Hello @khaavir,

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Please let me know if you have any questions.

Greatly appreciated,



The GitHub Community isn’t a place for job listings. However, if you need help integrating WooCommerce with a GPRS printer, you could start by looking over here: