Integration_installation and installation_repositories: Deprecation notice for GitHub Apps webhook events

It was nice that github informed me by email, that these events are deprecated and will stop working from 1st of october 2020.

The email was mentioning the “App” name (My First App222222) but it was not mentioning the repo or organization name. I have so many repos, and the app name do not give me a good hint… Is there an easy way to find out the repo that belongs to this “App”?

:wave: hello there @christian-weiss –– welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Given that those events are only available to GitHub Apps, here’s an approach you can take:

  • navigate to a list of applications you own (
  • press Edit to view the application’s settings (
  • press Install App (
  • If the application is installed to one or more repositories, they will be listed there. Otherwise, you’ll see the following prompt: Choose an account to install name-of-your-application on:

Does this help?