Integrated Chrome Plugin no longer working with latest source update

Hi, hopefully this is the place to ask this… if not, please direct me to the correct venue!

I have a Chrome plugin that integrates with the GitHub UI to increase my development team’s productivity at work. In the past week, GitHub’s source code has changed and my plugin no longer works. I’m hoping I can understand how to integrate with the UI in the most recent push. (And yes I understand that my plugin was bound to break some time, but with all of the previous updates I was able to figure out a new fix, and it just saves us so much time.)

My technical question is: Is there are a replacement for ghImport(), which let me use the version of jQuery that GitHub is using? I proxy some jQuery functions in order for my plugin to update the UI. If you need to see code, it’s all here:

Please help as the plugin has been such a time saver with our Bugzilla/GitHub workflow!


I figured it out! Please disregard.

For any and all interested, I just did the following:

define("github-rollup-bzgh", ["github/jquery"], function(github\_\_jquery) {

  var $ = github\_\_jquery.default;