Integrate Perforce with GitHub Actions

I would like to know if GitHub Actions has a way to override the source control step? how can we trigger a workflow? Is there a way to integrate perforce?

You don’t have to use actions/checkout, you can build your own code retrieval step(s) if you want to.

See Events that trigger workflows - GitHub Docs. A few of the events are manual.

If you can install it, you can use it. However if you use Actions to build a project hosted in Perforce I suspect it might be against the part of the Actions Terms and Conditions that says:

Additionally, Actions should not be used for:

  • […]
  • any other activity unrelated to the production, testing, deployment, or publication of the software project associated with the repository where GitHub Actions are used.

Depends on details, of course. In case of doubt you’ll have to ask GitHub Support.