Integrate Login Authentification using VBA to access Hosted Database

Hi there,
please let me introduce this project and myself. On March this year I got unemployed, as I have so skills on Excel / VBA I started developing solution for Excel with the objective of selling to help me get through this situation.
I’m new at the community and although I didn’t see topics about VBA on Excel, I’m taking my chances in order to get some help/advice on this project. I think here is the right place, because besides of being such a helpfull community it’s where the programming pros are. So…

The biggest difficult that I’m facing is how to manage the access of the spreadsheet. What I’m seeking is some solution to make some kind of login check and time’s licence check also.

My idea is when open the file access an hosted DB and check if the login is authorized, if so, opens the file, if not exit the file.
I searched that by ODBC Connector I can manage that, but there is a problem. You need to install the ODBC Connector driver in order to work. If I share the file, the person that will receive it must has it, which turns the solution a little complicated. I’m think on:

  • Use VBA code to check if the driver is installed, if not, go to web and install. I don’t know if it is even possible.
    But I would like a cleaner solution. Something that wouldn’t need drivers being installed.

Can you help me? I think with your knowledge, I can get to some smooth solution.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help! :wink: