Instructor/TA as GH Org "Owner"

We are trying to pilot GH Classroom at our school and have hit a wall. We went with a single enterprise-wider organization in order to facilitate single sign on. Turns out that instructors or TAs of a github classroom must have “owner” status in the GH organization (there are only two types of roles - owner or member). That means that any instructor or TA would have complete admin privs over the entire GH organization. At first glance, that would indicate the org-per-course or org-per-instructor approach is the way to go, and that is the advice we received from someone at GH. But when asked about SSO, the GH person didn’t know the implications of trying to apply SSO to every org that was created (and our security folks aren’t keen on that). So right now we are stuck and would appreciate any advice.

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We have the same issue, and this has been raised in the past. I’ve been told that the Classroom team is aware and working on it, but I do not have a way to track progress.

Classroom team, is there a way to get updates on this issue?