Installing SSH Keys-GitBash

I have been struggling for two and a half weeks to install SSH keys on my computer in my Users file.

I have cleared my cache and cookies on chrome and refreshed my browser.

I still see signs that there is a purely private rsa file. My problem I’ve been having for weeks now is that I need it to be public.

My bootcamp university specifically instructed that “check that none of them are listed under id_rsa”

I have included a screenshot of what I am seeing. I have even gone into my Admin settings control panel and turned on my public file sharing, which was previously off. I thought this would resolve the problem, but opening it in Notepad it still is labeled “private”

What are your thoughts? How do we proceed from here??

It looks like you’ve hidden file name extensions. If you disable that you should find that one of the two files is actually called, and that one is your public key. If you open it in a text editor the content should start with ssh-rsa.

Hi @mevaldovi, I can see from your screen print you are using windows.

The first file shown id_rsa and Type ‘File’ (which means it has no file extension) would be your PRIVATE key generated using default ssh-keygen commands. Its contents will start “-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----”, do not share this with anyone it must remain safe on your local computer.

The second file with file extension “Microsoft Publisher Document (.pub)”, would be you PUBLIC key generated using default ssh-keygen commands. Its contents will start “ssh-ras…” as already mentioned by air-tower. This is the content you copy and paste to your GitHub account for adding an SSH key