Installing R 4.0.2 version

I was adviced to upgrade my R version to the newest one. I downloaded the most recent R version 4.0.2 from the official site, then ran the following code:




And got the following error:

Error in install_keras() : You should call install_keras() only in a fresh R session that has not yet initialized Keras and TensorFlow (this is to avoid DLL in use errors during installation)

After this, when I tried to quit R session by q() , I faced the following error:

Error: option error has NULL value Error: no more error handlers available (recursive errors?); invoking ‘abort’ restart Error: option error has NULL value

I’ve never faced such an error before. When I used old R version, I typed q() and then had to choose between y and n . No errors appeared.

I’m asking you to help to to solve this problem.