Installing Python Package from subdirectory in Private Repo


I have a monorepo where I have two modules. One module is dependent on the other.

I am trying to add a dependency with and with poetry but I am not able to install from a subfolder in same repo.

I can clone the repo just fine with the actor and github token but the pip install or poetry install reference to git fails.

I am referencing the locations as follows. When I try to install with Github actions I get a message saying the repo doesn’t exist but it works fine on my local machine and I can clone it manually with user + password with actions.

"mymodule @ git+ssh://",

Poetry fails in the same way but does not have a access to subfolders.

Is there a convenient way to get a github hosted runner to be able to install with pip from another repo?

User error. Funny you finally figure something out after posting about it.

misformatted it.

"mymodule @ git+ssh://"