Installing All Prereqs on Self-Hosted Runners

I am trying to create (say a Linux) a self hosted runner. Although, we can get the configuration steps from GitHub repo itself, it is only going to create a connection between my runner and GitHub. However, I want to install all the prerequisites that a GitHub Hosted runner would have, on my Self Hosted runner. Use cases would be to reduce cost, better troubleshooting, caching of Docker layers etc. Anyways, I found a link Linux Virtual Environments, which has a lot of scripts, probably targeting an Azure VM. Also, there is not enough documentation on how or in what order to run these scripts on our own so that we can also create a Self Hosted Linux runner. Has anyone done anything like this? If so, please help. I want to create an exact replica (with prerequisites) of a GitHub Hosted Linux runner at my end. Let’s say I have an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I want to install all the software mentioned in the below link (which is what is present in a GitHub Hosted Ubuntu 20.04 runner).

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I am currently facing the same challenge as you. Have you made any progress on this subject?
Thank you!

No. I even reached out to GitHub support. All they say is, they use Packer build with Azure DevOps. So, we are left with Packer build only and build some image targeting AWS or Azure or Virtual Box or vSphere or something like that. I tried executing the scripts manually and even through a custom shell script. But it is very painful and gives a lot of issues. I am also still searching for help.

I even tried with packer and vSphere. Even there also, I am facing issues. I am not sure if these scripts are written specifically for Azure Images.