Installed two-factor authentification, now can't push to github

Hello! I was recently informed that in August Github will no longer be using username and password. So, when I just downloaded Rstudio and Github onto my new computer I made sure to enable two-factor authentification. Now, whenever I try to push my progress through Git and it asks me for my Github username and password, I give them and it says “authentification failed, invalid username and password” even though I know they are correct and I was able to use them before enabling two-factor authentification. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!

Also to add, I just disabled the two-factor authentification and tried again and it worked. What does this mean come August when I can no longer use my username and password? Will it reconfigure through Rstudio Desktop so I can still push?

You need to Create a PAT and use that instead of your password when pushing (or fetching private repositories). For Git access you’ll probably want the repo scope, plus workflow if you use Actions.

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