installation_repositories event not fired when add/remove repo into installation by non org-admin

So  installation_repositories  event is fired on repo getting added/removed in a GitHub App installation (as documented on 

However I noticed that, when the GitHub app is installed on an organization, this event is only triggered when such action is performed by org administrator rather than org member (but a repo admin). 

Here’s the step-by-step repro 

  1. Create a GitHub app (I created that asks for Repository Metadata: Read Only & Repository Content: Read & Write (Permission does not matter here though but list for completeness). 

  2. Install this app by an org member (but a repo admin) onto an organization, and select 1 repo s/he has admin access to

  3. Check the app ‘Advanced’ page and we can see ‘installation’ event fine (although it’s installed by non org-admin) 

  4. Go to the app install again (For me, that is and select an additional repo and click ‘Update access’ (See screenshot at bottom)

  5. Expected to see ‘Installation_Repositories’ event but it’s never fired (If you do step #4 as org administrator you will) 

Screenshot for step #4

Hi @liang2zhu1,

Very sorry for the trouble! We’ve got an issue open internally for our engineers to take a look at this, and we will update you again as soon as we have more information to share.

Thanks for your patience!