Installation of learning lab for authors


The article Building: Create the repositories mentions that you need to install Learning Lab in your personal account in order to create a learning course. If we recall from another article that installing on a personal account means installing on all repositories, what implications are there for my repositories? Is it going to modify them somehow? Is it going to install something on each of the repositories?

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@bampakoa great questions! Let me answer one at a time:

  1. The Learning Lab course builder will create the course repositories on the GitHub account, push the “starter content” to those repositories, and then load the course into Learning Lab. In order to do these things, it must be installed on all repos so it can immediately take action on the repository it creates in the first step.
  2. Even though you are installing the Learning Lab app on “all” repos, Learning Lab only “listens” to the repositories it creates (such as when you join a course or use the “new course” tool to create one) or the repositories you explicitly tell it to listen to (in the case of a course you create and upload using the “course sync”). Learning Lab ignores all of the other repositories on your account - nothing is installed on these other repositories and there are safeguards in place to ensure Learning Lab cannot modify them.

I hope this helps!

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@crichid thank you so much for your reply and detailed explanation :slight_smile:

I would recommend giving more context about this on the Install Github Learning Lab page or alternatively, update the content according to your explanation because All repositories  section seems a bit of misleading :slight_smile:

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Hi @crichid , I have installed learning lab on an organization and trying to create a new course.

I can fire the creation using course creation page, and required repositories also get generated. However the page never redirects me to page where I can validate and test the course. Also on comparing with video posted on this link - it appears not all required operations were completed.

Could you please suggest what could have went wrong? Thanks

Refer image below.