Installation Has Failed

I’m trying to install GitHub desktop from here:

This downloads a file called “GitHubDesktopSetup”. When I open it, I receive this error message:


How can I resolve this?

Additional info:
I am doing this on a Windows 10, 64-bit desktop

Thank you in advance!

:wave: Welcome!

It might help to post the logs here. If you click “open setup log” it should show you the install logs.

If you are concerned these logs may reveal private or sensitive information, you can open a ticket to get support by email.

I attempted to post the logs here but I get a message saying new users can only post 2 links, so I assume I cannot post the logs here at the moment.

I will try to open a ticket to get support by email.

When I try to open a ticket, I get to this page:

Which option would be appropriate for me to click on?

You should still be able to paste the logs here, but you would have to go through and break any links (you can add or replace characters so they are no longer recognisable as links - sorry about that).

If you want to open a ticket, just choose any tile. It’ll get sent to the right team.

I don’t know which part of logs is the links, so I will submit a ticket instead. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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