Install Tessaract trainingdata

I’m desperately trying to install Tesseract.

It all seems to went well to this point? But I can’t install the training package.

sudo wget -O /usr/local/share/tessdata/eng.traineddata

This is whats my Terminal says:

olivertimm@Olivers-MBP ~ % sudo wget

sudo: wget: command not found

Where’s my failure?
I need the english basics and german fraktur…

Thanks a lot in advance!


It seems like you don’t have wget installed, install it with the package manager of your distribution.

That said, a piece of security advice: Do not run wget as root (including through sudo). Nor anything else that doesn’t strictly require it, but it’s particularly important for anything making network connections, because any security bugs are a lot easier to exploit there than for local-only programs. If you need the output file in a directory writable only by root, download as a regular user (wget without sudo), and then move the file as root (sudo mv).