Install Nginx in Actions

Hope someone can help me, I spent all day trying to figure this out and documentation in this regard is not easy to find and I have tried looking.

I’m trying to move one of my existing Travis projects to GHA. In this project I run tests against various versions of Nginx stable, an older version 1.10.x and also mainline. After installing Nginx inside my workflow I cannot get it started no matter what. It is constantly failing binding to any port I assign and I have tried numerous ports.

I’ve run a config test on nginx after installing it and there’s no config errors, the service just won’t start or bind to any port.

Is there some special trick to installing and starting nginx?

I’ve had to remove the workflow for now and let Travis-ci continue builds but would rather migrate to GHA as I am not so sure about the long term outlook or costs that may rise with Travis in future.