Install dependencies in Ubuntu flakes several times a wekk

Hi GitHub,

I have a sample repo running a basic test every hour. I also have a few private repos doing something similar. Several times a week, the check will fail on the install dependencies step. I can easily see that this is happening because all of the private repos will fail at the same time. For example, it failed three times this week on the install dependencies step. Here is a run where this step failed for an example.

Please let me know if you can help - it’s a bit of a bummer how often this happens. It definitely makes alerting challenging - you can’t tell when you’re alerted whether it’s a “real” issue or a GitHub issue. It would be nice to if nothing else re-trigger the run automatically when this happens.

Thanks for your time, and happy to provide additional information as needed.




I checked your failed workflow runs, and I found that all failed with "Unable to connect to ".

You could try to use sudo apt-get update instead of sudo apt update.
If this could not work, I would recommend you ask this question in Ubuntu related forum. Thank you for your understanding.

I’ve been seeing this across many of our repos as well. We’re running sudo apt-get update so that isn’t helping.

Here is on run that just failed:

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Hi, I can confirm what @tannewt just wrote. I see this error in a lot of jobs, and running sudo apt-get update is not helping. See for an example of a failed job.

Getting a very similar issue with all of my repos, as reported here. Only way to temporarily work around the issue is to re-run all workflows until it starts working, which is not a great indicator of things being broken.

Same here:

Following the indications of GitHub support, I opened an issue on this at .

As a workaround, you can probably use apt-spy2 to use the closest *available* mirror before running apt-get update.

It’s a shame apt doesn’t support having multiple repositories to fall back to.

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