Insights -> Community is not present

I’m one of the maintainers of the LibrePDF/OpenPDF project, and I wonder why there is no “Community” item in “Insights”.

I add one of the defaults’s and also some Issues templates, and still there is no “Community”.

Am I missing something?

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Hi @asturio :wave:

Thanks for coming to the community forum!
I am investigating this to see if this is possibly a bug. Thanks for your patience while we do more research here.

It turns out this behavior is intentional. We want to encourage community growth around the parent of the network.

OpenPDF is the most prominent fork of the dead iText. Can we make OpenPDF a parent, or is it possible to make an exception?
Is there any workaround?

I would recommend having your fork detached from the network of the fork tree you are in. This will make your repository the parent of the fork network, and make your community profile settings visible.

Due to the nature of the request, we would have to escalate this to our direct support team. If you would like me to get this started, please let me know.

I’ll discuss this with other maintainers, and come back to you then. Thank you for the infos.

Hi Ernest, we discussed this in the project, and that seems a viable solution. Can you get this started? What must I do or other project owner?

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