Inquiry regarding Student Developer Pack

Hey !
It has been quite some time since I applied for the GitHub’s Student developer pack. I know that I would be informed by 11th of March but I am really getting nervous because it’s been quite some some days. So, will I get a student developer pack or not , because I have submitted all the necessary files and documents.

Hi and welcome @GyaniRoman23 ! As you indicated yourself you will be contacted by the 11th of March. That’s still a few days away. Sadly we can’t get into any details with you or speed up anything for you on the forums here. Just hang tight!

Hey !! thank you so much for that, but I think there might be a problem because when I was filling the details , at that time i didn’t had a college issued email so I gave my regular gmail address but all the other documents are all good. I don’t have an enrollment card yet(Actually I am in my first semester !!) but I have uploaded all fee payment reciepts and all. So, will I get the student developer pack or not since I don’t have a college issued email address.

Hey there, I believe applications aren’t judged on just the email address. I think that if you have supporting documents you’ll be fine. I am however not GitHub staff, so don’t take my word for it.

One thing you could try right now is add your college-issued email address to the account as an extra address (and verify that). See Adding an email address to your GitHub account - GitHub Docs

And should your application be rejected due to lack of proof (don’t even know if that is a thing), you can always try again with your college issued mail address. Most of the time it’ll instantly validate. But I would suggest just waiting until a reply comes back first.