Input method is not considered

Hi, thank you for the nice feature. It saves many page transition for me.

I’m seeing one issue with my Japanese input method. An input method shows candidates of composition and we hit Enter to choose one of them. However, when I hit Enter to choose candidate, the Command Palette also takes the Enter keydown and starts the page transition.


  1. Open some repository
  2. Hit Cmd+K to open a palette
  3. Enable an input method
  4. Input some characters
  5. The input method shows candidates
  6. Select one of them and hit Enter to choose it
  7. Command Palette starts (unintended) page transition

In my opinion, Command Palette should listen compositionstart/compositionend events and ignore Enter while composition is ongoing.

Hi @rhysd thanks for taking the time to post your feedback!
In reading your repro steps, it looks like you might be hitting enter on a result vs hitting tab to continue refining the scope. For example:

  • I start typing “gith” and the top result is highlighted.
  • I can either hit Enter to jump-to the github organization, or hit Tab to set the github org as my new scope.

  • With the github org set as my scope, I can now either go to a page or do a search within the org, or continue to scope my search to a repo.
  • I start typing “prim” and use the Tab key to select github/primer

  • Once scoped to an org and repo I can use enter to jump-to a page or use modes to search different types of resources.

Does this help?