InnerSource & DevOps

About this event

In this session we will be joined by three great speakers who will be sharing their experiences of implementing DevOps with InnerSource. A lot of organizations find that InnerSource can be a great complement to CI/CD and DevOps projects, and it’s often where people start their InnerSource journey. So, we are very much looking forward to this session.

After the talks we will be facilitating a discussion on the topic that will be held under the Chatham House Rule. Because we have three speakers, but still want to give as much time as possible for the community discussion, we have lengthened this particular community call to 75 minutes. Join us to discuss challenges and learn about best practices in this space.


Please note that doors will open 15 minutes before the session starts, and we encourage you to join for some virtual hallway chat.

[05 mins] Welcome

[20 mins] InnerSource and DevOps - Like Chips and Gravy with Steph Egan & Tom Sadler (BBC)

Chips and gravy work extremely well together, just like DevOps and InnerSource. In this session, Steph and Tom will discuss their experiences in the BBC. Topics will include what they mean by DevOps and using InnerSource with DevOps tooling. They will also share how DevOps and InnerSource help each other.

[15 mins] Terraform Community Modules – a DevOps InnerSource Project at Comcast with Fei Wan (Comcast)

Terraform Community Modules are reusable, Comcast-community-maintained Terraform modules for deploying many common Comcast application architectures. They enable easy adoption of cloud technologies and foster innovation across teams in Comcast. Fei Wan is the community architect and a maintainer for the Comcast Terraform Community Modules. She will share her experiences of starting and growing the Terraform Community Modules, a DevOps InnerSource project in Comcast.

[30 mins] Community Discussion : This part of the community call will be held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants will be free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This part of the event will not be recorded.

[5 mins] Wrap-up

We typically also leave some space after the formal end of the event for some more informal chat. Please feel free to join us.


Fei Wan

Fei Wan is a senior principal architect in Comcast’s Software Strategy & Transformation organization. She collaborates with the large developer community inside Comcast to accelerate software delivery performance transformation particularly in the area of cloud technologies. She is the community architect and a maintainer of an InnerSource project that has a growing list of reusable, Comcast-community-maintained Terraform modules for deploying common Comcast application architectures.

She also serves on Comcast’s InnerSource Guild which guides teams through best InnerSource practices. She is fascinated by InnerSource Patterns and has collaborated with the patterns working group on a mind map for easy navigation of the InnerSource Commons Patterns.

Steph Egan

Steph Egan is a Principal Software Engineer at the BBC who works with a large variety of teams across the iPlayer and Sounds products to help them with their Delivery Practices. Steph also provides Product support for a development team who are focused on helping other teams “Be better and move faster”. They are building up a catalogue of tools which have been built from the ground up to be InnerSource.

Tom Sadler

Tom Sadler is a Software Engineering Team Lead for BBC iPlayer & Sounds, working in the connected TV space. He has advocated for supporting open source projects, including the BBC’s TV Application Layer and bigscreen-player, and lead on collaboration between teams.