inline CSS question...

Would it be prefered to use <sytle> inline css on your pages within your site? I am watching tutorial videos on the topic but was wondering if it was ideal to style your second(multi page) inline or add the styling to the original main.css stylesheet? Or even create a new stylesheet to target that specific page?

Never use inline CSS in a production enviroment, it makes the code (the HTML code) harder to read and less scalable.

If all your pages uses the same style rules you can use a single file for all those classes. As you know, you can import more than one stylesheet, so if you need some special style rules required in only one page, you can use the main stylesheet and also import another file for special classes needed only in this page.

It could be a bad idea to write CSS rules required in some pages into the main stylesheet, because it increases the size of the file and there will be pages that will not need those classes, affecting bandwidth and performance. Don’t import classes that aren’t useful.

Thanks to the cascade of Cascading Style Sheet inline styles have the highest precedence or specificity in a document.but this is not something that should be done in production sites if it can be avoided. Inline styles are easy and quick to add and you do not need to worry about writing the proper CSS selector since you are adding the styles directly to the element you want to change. but there are also disadvantages Because inline styles they are the most specific in the cascade, they can over-ride things you didn’t intend them to. They also negate one of the most powerful aspects of CSS - the ability to style lots and lots of web pages from one central CSS file to make future updates and style changes much easier to manage.