Initial feedback

Very glad to see Ctrl/Cmd + K becoming ubiquitous! Having commands and not just search is also really neat. Some suggestsions:

  • Add this on the gists site too
  • Let entering “lemon squeezy” match for “lemonsqueezy”, “lemon-squeezy” and “lemon-staging-squeezy”
  • When the input has a prefilled value (e.g. when using it on a repo or user profile), a single backspace should clear it all. At least on first touch (i.e. not for manually typed repository names/users). Selecting all with Ctrl/Cmd + A should also include those front values
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Thanks for all this great feedback @ronvoluted! We already have issues in our backlog for supporting the first two, but I’ll also be sure to share your feedback on the third bullet with our design team :pray:

Great, it’s quite nice to use already :slight_smile: Thanks!

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