Infamous cb() never called Issue

Hi All,

Currently I am using NodeJs “14.17.6” and npm “6.14.15”.
Off late, from three weeks, I have started receiving cb() never called issue whenever I do npm install.
I have re-installed my NodeJS and restarted my system and verified the cache and deleted the npm and npm-cache folder numerous times. Apparently, the issue still persists and 1 out of 10 times, npm install works. I have done my share of debugging and no luck. Need help from the community.


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Hoi. for a very ‘strange’ reason, trying to use a TimePicker control from Material which gave me trouble something about a ‘role’ and ‘default’ in relation with the ColorPicker somewhere deep down in the node_modules, I ended up as a last possible choice with no better idea to delete the whole node_modules folder and perform a reinstall ‘npm install’. Last week finally got my whole project running on node.js 14.17.6 and npm 6.14.15 ( same as above) I ran into the cave-net of HitmanPro.Alert some module within nodejs something about CryptoGuard blocks the ‘npm install process’. Another problem, had to choose to remove HitmanPro temporary from my machine, restarted, trying to get back on track with my project…what happend exactly the same thing as mentioned above …no information only a statement asking me:

npm ERR! cb() never called!
npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:
npm ERR!

Mrs or Mr CSR mentioned the problem persist. Do I have to back to nodejs 12 as a standalone install? With or without using ‘nvm-w’? I save the debug log if somebody needs it. Thanks for any (proper) suggestion how to get back on track.

…also trying to perform ‘npm-install’ outside visual studio code (thus not on one of the integrated terminals) on an elevated command prompt (cmd-prompt) I do get presented the same strange error

…just minutes ago, I managed to get back on track by using an elevated prompt outside vs-code, surfed to my project, asked for ‘nvm-w’ decided to upgrade node to latest version 16.9.1 (just from lack of other ideas) knowing that also the latest npm comes along, I gave that a try. With version 16 it did install npm as -g. After it succeeded, it asked to perform a minor upgrade for npm -g. It kept working, reinstalled firebase tools -g, tried to execute ‘npm run start’’ and … yes, an app again! Thereafter, trying to retrieve data via gcloud, had to perform an update on gcloud as well, as a final step importing data with ‘firebase emulators:start --import ./seed’ and again yes, success, back to browser and … luckyme, data is shown again, back on track, pfff!. The last step did notify me about the local projects was using ‘engine:14’ whereas global runs on 16., a minor fix… It was already on my mind this could may be, be another problem… Learning fact, it seems to be important to be aware of the fact which package needs to be installed with -g and it needs to be down knowing (or setting to be on the right node version and performing these steps outside vs-code on an elevated terminal. I though I had a pretty good idea when to do local or -g, I am not so sure anymore, needs to dive in to it once more! Have fun!