Indispensable Feature request

Hello @ all Teams and Communities using Github !

I come because i found this website fantastic, but i think it’s missing something important.

I explain

When you browse a github repository, for exemple : GitHub - microsoft/FluidFramework: Library for building distributed, real-time collaborative web applications
you want to know if the software you are browsing is the version you need, so you take a look to the forks. So you click on the forks but button positioned top-right of the screen.

But all forks all classified in alphabetic order, so it’s really not useful for find the good version you need.
It’s will be easier if the content is ordered by last update, stars, size, forks (because a fork can be fork).

In this situation i had browse all 222 possibilities for find the newest or the oldest fork (for exemple).
I 'm sure you got all the knowledge et technical capabilities for made it simple all the future. Is just a little idea but i hope you will add to one my favorite website.

Long life to open source, and thanks @ all open mind developers

ps : sorry for my english

:wave: Welcome!

You are not alone; this is a popular request and I’ve added your request to our internal tracking issue.

That said, there is currently a handy little tool built by a GitHub user that you might find helpful in the meantime: