Indicate modified forks + allow filtering

When a project seem stale, or slow, I like to list the forks for a project, but have to visit each fork and compare to see if each has any modifications, which can be pointlessly time consuming.
I’d also like to be able to filter for changed forks only.

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I’m not sure if you know about it already, but you can see which forks have changes by viewing the Network Graph under the Insights tab.

Thanks, but after seeing how fiddly it is to see the comments, I’d prefer to also see a flattened tree view, with rows of forked-from name, forked-by name, and latest fork-to submit timestamp and comment, preferably ordered by (latest forked-by submit timestamp, forked-from name), and grouped by forked-from. Interest or scoring of each fork would be a nice too.

I’m with @rwperrott.
As I suggested over here: Where do I post feature requests for Github ?

On the Insights > Forks page if GitHub could add some sort of indicator for forks whether the main branch is ahead/behind/equal with the original repos main branch, that’d be handy.

This detail is already available on each forked repo:

Along with a count of branches in the fork (which one could assume if greater than the base repo means there are feature branches of stuff being worked on).

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