Increase Token timeout and/or issue a Refresh Token for API with Azure AD

I have an api, written in c#, registered on Azure and with authentication provided through Azure Active Directory (I’m not using B2C). When a user logins in with a company email, they are issued a token that provides them with access to the app. I have configured my front-end (Blazor Webassembly) to hit AAD and log users in when loaded.

My issue is this, the issued token has an expiration of 1 hour, and there are no refresh tokens issued upon expiration. My clients will usually use the application for more than an hour, and when that hour is up, they have to force refresh the page in order to hit the API, which threatens lost work, filters, etc. I need some way to increase the time before my token expires (24hr?) or, find a way to issue periodic refresh tokens.

I have scoured the web for solutions on both the azure side and code side, and I haven’t found anything that doesn’t require a full over hall of my existing infrastructure. Is there a solution that I’m not seeing?