Increase-if-necessary for github-actions in dependabot


Is it possible to somehow get increase-if-necessary versioning strategy for github-actions package ecosystem?

We use major versions like

      - name: Install PHP
        uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2

and each time dependabot is creating pull requests to set concrete version that is v2 as well. With 200+ packages that’s a huge pain.

Seems to be related to Why dependabot tries to update actions from major to major.minor

Came looking for this exact issue! So far the best I have found is to add ignores to my templates for the Actions I use (Configuration options for dependency updates - GitHub Docs) but that seems terribly hack-y for what IMO should already be the default behavior.

Well, you can disable it the following way for actions:

version: 2
    # Maintain dependencies for GitHub Actions.
    - package-ecosystem: "github-actions"
      directory: "/"
          interval: "daily"
      # Too noisy. See
      open-pull-requests-limit: 0

But that beats the purpose of dependabot just turning the feature off for actions.