Incorrect action version used in workflow


I have a workflow using a public action (GitHub - SiemaApplications/zephyr-action: Action for managing zephyr application with west). This action is published as a docker container in the github registry.
My workflow pulls the latest (v1.3.0) action from the github container registry.

      - name: West Init and Update
        uses: SiemaApplications/zephyr-action@v1.3.0
          manifestdir: vog-zephyr-nodes
          init: true
          update: true

I have updated the version of my action in my yaml’s workflow but the github action log still says it downloads an old version (v1.1.0).

The image pulled at the beginning of the job says it is 1.1.0, when running the step using v1.3.0 it says it uses the correct version, but the docker command line says it uses v1.1.0.

My yaml workflow is pushed to default branch (master) on the (private) repository.

Any idea what is going on ?


Your action.yml for the v1.3.0 tag references the docker image at version v1.1.0: zephyr-action/action.yml at v1.3.0 · SiemaApplications/zephyr-action (

Right ! Thank you !
Now I feel ashamed :blush:

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