Inconsistent testing and the next steps

Hey guys,

So I am working on a project with Android and one of the things I need my app to do is to load dynamic content for the webview element. However, it appears that the dynamic content is not working with API 29 and below on the emulator, however when tested with API 26 on a real device, the dynamic content had loaded.

I was just wondering on what my next steps should be here. I’m a normal person, so I don’t have phones of each generation to test the app on to see which API version works or which one doesn’t and if there is a problem on a certain API level etc.

I’ve already made a issue in the repo talking about the problem and have asked for testers, but it seems to be left unanswered, or nobody really has the required device(s), time or knowledge to test the app.

I don’t really think I’ve been in this situation before where I’m stuck on solving an issue because of inconsistencies in testing and lack of testing to find the root of the problem where I cannot test it myself, and so I am left not knowing what to do.

I’ve just put a due date for the issue closure, so if there is no new feedback, then most likely the problem is not present.

What do you guys think about this, and could you give me advice?