Including a "LICENSE" and a "" file has github not provide license overview (impacts R packages)

Most popular R packages are hosted on github and distributed on CRAN. CRAN does not allow including the full text of standard open source licenses in package distributions. Most R package developers therefore include a LICENSE file and a file in their github repos (the latter to be ignored when building the package for distribution on CRAN). Because the license text is included in rather than LICENSE, github’s license overview thinks these repos have a license of “other” (even when using standard open source licenses, e.g. MIT). It also means that the helpful license rights overview that github provides is not being shown for R packages.

Would it be possible for github to check both the LICENSE and the file when producing it’s LICENSE summary views?

I documented this issue in more detail at r-lib/usethis#1494 where it was suggested I reach-out to github.