Include Git LFS objects when downloading a GitHub archive

It would be very nice if the “Download ZIP” button in GitHub would actually download the repository with the LFS objects included, rather than just pointers.

Because of that, I’m forced to create a GitHub Release whenever I want so the users still get the files when they download the package. This is worse for me because it’s more difficult, worse for the one who downloads because they can’t have a single link for downloading the repo (as releases have tags), and is worse for GitHub as well since it has to host these big archives in the releases which are basically duplicates.

GitLab supports it, by the way.

The archive to which the single link must be regenerated after every single commit, a process that includes running compression algorithms; I suppose the reason that LFS objects are excluded is to avoid repeatedly compressing large objects, and to improve the efficiency of the compression that does have to occur after each push; however, I am only guessing.