In GitHub pages my create react app unable to appear online

In GitHub pages i put up my create react app project so after I deployed, it shows me my site is published but when I try to click the link on chrome it shows nothing ,white screen with " react app" tab, how to resolve it, I even tried with brave browser also incognito mode…but it failed to represent on browser over web…I checked my project on sublime package live server as usual there it shows no error and the project presented on webpage . Can I get help for this issue?!

to test whether GitHub Pages is successfully deployed, we need to access one file,

this is your icon, right? meaning GitHub Pages was successfully deployed and index.html is accessible. What I can’t answer is how you deployed your site, maybe some scripts are not loading because you are the only one who knows that.

remember, GitHub Pages can only run browser-side scripts, not server-side scripts like PHP and others