In GitHub Desktop, how can I hide “Other branches”

In GitHub Desktop, when I use the branch selector to switch to another of my branches, I can see the expected list of my local branches, but then there is another section of “Other branches”.

These “Other branches” are on the remote, and are other developers’ branches, so I mostly don’t need to see them in my list. (If I do want to get another branch, the Filter works great for this purpose.)

So, is there a way to hide the “Other branches”?

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At present there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that. Is it causing any specific difficulties?

:wave: canuckjackq, and thanks for your quick response.

The presence of the “Other branches” isn’t causing difficulties as such, but it’s just that in our repo, we have a number of live branches at any one point, so the “Other branches” section fills our entire screen - even although our typical usage is that we almost never select one of those branches.

Could the “Other branches” section be displayed, but collapsed by default? And possibly similar with “Recent branches”? (Although, as a team, each developer does use “Recent branches” regularly, when we’re working on many features at the same time.)

Or could there be a setting in Github Desktop to allow users to specify whether they even want to see “Other branches” in the branch selector?

As I mentioned in the original post, the “Filter” is excellent and fast for finding any other branches we need to work on, but for 99.9% of the time, the screen height list of “Other branches” is just ‘screen noise’.


That does make sense - especially for large and busy projects!

I’d encourage you to submit this as feedback to our product team using the feedback form.