Improving Quality of Work for Freelance Coders


Every manager today is talking about ‘The Gig Economy’ and the Harvard Business Review has an article on it every other week.

But my review of existing literature tells me that there is very little quantitative research in this area. This is especially scary because companies across the world are shifting to a flexible contractual workforce, practically blind to the implications it has.  This has a larger implication for the software development community considering that almost 45% of all ‘Gig’ work is in the field of Software and technology

I am a final year MBA student specialising in Human Resource Management and I am working on a dissertation on this topic.

My objective is to develop a framework within which organizations can develop a network of talented freelance workers while ensuring that the socioeconomic needs of freelancers are addressed.

If you are currently involved in any form of freelance work, kindly help me out by filling this questionnaire and help usher in the new era of employment.

You and ‘The Gig Economy’