Improve UI/UX for downloading artefacts


In the govim project we upload artefacts after each build. Each check instances we have 18 runners for different Go and Vim versions. 

However, the UI/UX for downloading artefacts from the web UI is awkward. Consider the following screenshot:

We have one run out of the 18 selected in the LHS. However the artefacts dropdown shows artefacts from all 18 runs. So the user now has to scroll through that list to find the artefacts corresponding to that run. 

In this situation, there needs to be a way to constrain that artefacts browser to show only the artefacts created by the selected run. This should be the default. There should then be a way to remove that constraint and view the artefacts created by the parent check instance (apologies, probably using the wrong terminology here)


Hi @myitcv ,

Thanks for reaching this out!

I can repo tes he same with artifacts named with matrix valuon my side. Currently it’s NOT supported to filter artifacts for each matrix branch check run.

According to the policy, it’s recommended to raise your idea here where github managers will take a review. Thanks.