Improve the command palete accessibility

Using a screen reader, when I press CTRL + K, the focus goes to a text field to type in, but there is no way to focus to the results with the keyboard, whether I typed something or not in the field. In short, I can’t access any options in the command palette.
Hopefully you can fix this, GitHub is pretty accessible and it would be a shame if I can’t use the command palette.

Hi @brunoprietog thanks for reporting this! We apologize for the command palette not immediately being accessible for you. Our new accessibility team has actually just completed an audit of the command palette and we have an issue prioritized in our backlog to make all the fixes and improvements they’ve identified in the next few weeks. Now that we have a new accessibility team with engineers and designers, we are moving toward a future where all new features ship accessible from the beginning, but admittedly still have some work to do.