Improve repository position in Github search engine results

My repository is displayed on page 10 of the search results on the phrase it deals with. In front of it there are repositories not related to the searched phrase, repositories with fewer stars, forks and repositories that do not have the phrase searched in the name or in README file.

The searched phrase is for example ‘dupa’. If I change the name of my repository from ‘dupawraper’ to ‘dupa-wraper’, will this improve my position in the search engine?

Do you know other ways to improve your position in Github?

Hi @ofgr,

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To answer your question, we don’t have any kind of internal SEO for altering where a project is shown within search results. That said, outside of general search results, we do have a Marketplace page where project maintainers can add their app to be more easily findable by the community:



If interested, you can submit your app for review for addition to the marketplace by creating a new listing: