Improve checklist visibility

For checklists you can barely distinguish between open and completed items


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Corroborating this on Firefox (with Dimmed Dark). The checkboxes are still white, which makes it very hard to tell at a glance which are checked and which aren’t.

I suspect GitHub has been able to get away with this so far by not styling checkboxes at all and letting the browser handle it, which does seem like a pretty sensible way of doing things, but that approach isn’t working currently.

Agree with this! I’m using both Edge and Firefox, and I find it quite difficult to distinguish between completed and incomplete items. Even on the regular “light” theme I think it could use something more to help people quickly identify what’s checked and unchecked in a list when scanning through it quickly. Maybe use an accent colour?

for the checked boxes either a green background with a white tick or just a green tick would be awesome and that would make it much easier to distinguish checked and non-checked items.

Here is an example how it could look like:

Also having some visibility issues with Firefox and Pop!OS. It’s almost impossible to see the check boxes until they are clicked, although this may be unique to me:

I have the same issue one Opera/Windows. I have hard time distinguishing between completed and open tasks in dark theme: