Impossible to open KeepassXC

Hello, I have installed KeepassXC 2.6.2 on Debian 11, no problem, started to fill a data base but today could not open KP, two different paths were proposed towards .kdbx, but none work " the file does not exist" !
Thanks for your help

Have you verified you can find the file by other means such as using a file viewer (Dolphin, etc.) or the command line? Does the actual .kdbx file exist?

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I have used different tools : KFind, catfish, command line “find” : .kbdx was not found ! and I don’t see what action could have led to the deletion of this file ?
New installation probably the only way unless other suggestion.
thanks for the interest in the subject

What do you mean by “new installation”? Re-installing KeePassXC is not going to bring a missing password database file back.

If it’s really gone, the best thing would be to recover the database file from a backup. If you can’t do that creating a new database is unfortunately your only option. In that case I recommend improving how you do backups.

I can’t guess why the file might disappear, there are so many options: Maybe it was on a USB stick that isn’t mounted right now. Or in a temporary location that gets wiped on reboot. Or maybe you deleted it accidentally. Or maybe filesystem errors. And more. :sweat_smile: One thing I haven’t seen in years of using it is KeePassXC deleting files, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that.


The situation is not so dramatic because I had transferred only a few elements from another database and before switching the whole I wanted to check the possibilities of KeepassXC , so I can do a new installation without losing data, just a waste of time.
What bothers me is that as the origin of the problem is unknown I don’t know what to do to avoid it in the future.
As you say the possibilities are numerous but I have no doubt that KeepassXC itself is out of the question, rather a personal error (which one ??) or a problem in my filesystem ? I will closely monitor the behaviour after reinstallation.
Thanks again for your contribution