Importing HG repos from Bitbucket - stalled

I’m migrating from bitbucket as they will no longer have hg support. I therefore plan to switch to git, and I’ve chosen github as my new codebase.

I’ve started imports for all my existing repos from bitbucket, but they are all stalled at “Detecting your project’s version control system…”

I’m wondering if there is something wrong, or if I shuld just wait more than a few hours?

I haven’t typed in my credentials for bitbucket, as i haven’t been asked yet.

Hope you can help me with this migration.

Hi @ts-sinno, Welcome to the community! Can you try importing your repository again? We believe the issues from last week should now be resolved.



I just redid it with one repo, but with the same result. It is still hanging.


Thanks for the follow up @ts-sinno, are you by chance attempting to import a repo that is already on your GitHub account?

I just tried again, deleting the old one (again), but making the new import into a repo with a new name (to make sure the repo is not already there). Same result. It is still stuck. This is even a .git repo that I’m importing not even a .hg.

Thanks for trying it out @ts-sinno I’m sorry that didn’t work, If you haven’t already, please contact us at for a Support team member to help.

Generally it is hard to diagnose this type of error’s on our end to be honest.

While support reaches you, an alternative is to try your import repository using the command line.

Good very important and satisfactory

It still doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple times and it just keeps being stalled.