Importing bugs from Bugzilla

I am - unfortunately - forced to migrate a project away from some web platform, and I’ve chose GitHub. The repository itself has already been migrated (cvs to a git repo using crap, then a new project here, etc.) - but I was hoping to be able to migrate the bugs as well.

Does GitHub offer some way to mass-populate bugs? Or import a “bug dump” in some format? Or even - improt bugs from Bugzilla directly?

Hi there! :wave:

We have no built in integration for importing bugs from Bugzilla and converting them into issues, sorry!

You’d need to export the bugs from Bugzilla, and the use the GitHub API to generate an issue for each one.

Please note that GitHub assigns issue numbers automatically, so you might want to include the Bugzilla ID number as a comment on each created issue, so you’ll be able to search for them.

I found a couple of people doing this several years ago, but nothing more recent - perhaps another community member has a more up to date solution?