Importer repeatedly asks for credentials

I’m trying to use the GitHub importer to import from my own private repo.

I had no trouble starting the process, and the system prompts me to log in:

I log in with no problems, and I get the importing screen. I’d share the image, but I’m a new user and cannot upload more than one image. Please trust me that it’s the importing page. It says:

## Preparing your new repository

There is no need to keep this window open, we’ll email you when the import is done.

[ jbgross/ **android-flashcard-db-base** ]

Detecting your project’s version control system…

And there’s a progress bar that never starts progressing. Then after 3-10 seconds, it loops back to the identical login page (as above). I log in, and the cycle repeats.

I verified that my username and password were correct by logging in and out.

I first started the import well over half an hour ago. I can see the new repo in my list of repos, but clicking on it immediately takes me to the same login page. Again, I’d share the im

Anyone have any ideas?

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