Import old project with about 20 release versions into git

I have this old project, consisting of about 30 C files, which has gone through releases over moe than 20 years.
I have about 15 of these releases in separate source directories.

I would like to import this project into github, in a way that the history of the project with release numbers like 1.67, 1.80, 2.0, 2.0.1, … 2.09.03 remains recognizable and accessible in the github repo.

Are there anywhere instructions which path I can follow to achieve this?

I could solve it myself.
I imported the versions into an adhoc-RCS system, taking care that the orginal file dates and version numbers were stored in RCS.
The I used the tool

to move the revisions from RCS into a git repo.
RCS branches are not supported, but that was not a great disadvantage in my case.

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