Import of Hg repo from BitBucket stalls from the start

I’m trying to use the import facility to move a mercurial repo in BitBucket to GitHub. The repo is small and public, with no file over 200kB.

After copying the clone URL (HTTPS, not SSH) and pasting it into the import form on GitHub, I’m shown a screen that says, “Detecting your project’s version control system…” with what I assume is a gray progress bar.

However, nothing changes, even after a period of hours.

How can I see what’s failing?

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Same issue, I have used the importer in the past just fine, but its stuck now on new attempts with the same progress message.

Import just finished 8 minutes ago.

Hi @socketbox Welcome to the community and thank you for coming back to share your import succeeded.

@mordentral If you are still having issues and If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info and we’ll be happy to help.