Import from Mercurial ends with generic error

After successfully importing 10 or Mercurial (hg) repo’s from Bitbucket, one of them seems to start correctly, finds the users, but than ends with a generic error:


I’ve checked if I could find anything unusual about the repo, but since it is similar to all the others, and also it’s much, much smaller (800 or so commits, 200MB size, compared to others having over 10,000 commits and 2GB in size).

One solution would perhaps be to just forget about the history and just import the latest status. But I was hoping the Github team knows what the underlying error is so that I can analyze/fix it.

I’ve tried several times. Also tried checking it out with hg, and committing new changes, all went fine. Just not importing it into Github.

EDIT (as a reply, as only one image is allowed per post): I noticed that there was a broken branch (starting from “nothing”). Though after I stripped that branch completely, the rest was clean and there were no forced heads anymore, the error was still there…:


What, somewhat surprisingly, worked was: move the repository to another “workspace” at Bitbucket.

After the import, a previously invisible branch became visible. The fact that this branch wasn’t visible in Hg is worrying and surprising, and suggests that there was indeed something seriously wrong with that repo.

It would have helped if Github would allow you to see the log of the import, or at the very least the error messages. Maybe an idea for a future update?