Import for a small bitbucket/hg repo has not finished in over 12 hours

Hi all!

I am trying to import which is small, public and FOSS into github but the import has been going on for hours. Please fix it.

Hi and welcome to GitHub @shlomif ,

Trough which method are you trying to import the repository to GitHub?

@mpboom: I used this form - - to perform the import.

Ah, I see. Just the GitHub default importer.

I would wait a couple more hours to see if this gets resolved on it’s own. Then you pretty much have two options:

  • You can contact GitHub Support  trough
  • Or you can decide to import the repository manually - this shouldn’t be a hard thing to do and feel free to ask for help right here

I’d love to assist you further, but no one on the forum can really see the status of something that is tied to your account. Good luck!

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Thanks @mpboom ! I filed a support request.