Images not showing when i Publish on Github

Hello Everyone!

I am having issues publishing on github. All my images are not showing after I publish, meanwhile they are displaying correctly on my local computer. I don’t know what’s cuasing this. Side note; this is my first try on a project using HTML and CSS, I am eager to share with others for review.

The Link to the project is:

hello there,

you forget to include the folder path name Order-Summary-Frontend-Mentor,

say for example, one of your image is this,

so change all of your images path to:[name-of-the-image]

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Either the above, or better use relative paths, not absolute ones. For example, change


      <img src="images/illustration-hero.svg" alt="" />

Note the lack of starting slash. That way the browser will use that path relative to the directory the current page is in.