Images not refreshed in Pages

Hi all,

I have changed an image in my repository, but even though the image has been replaced, old image still appearing.

As a work around I had to add an extra image and change the reference to it, but it’s annoying to create a new image per each change

If I look into my repository, the image is the one I uploaded, but in the page, the image is the old one

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Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! The reason why your original image may not be updating right away is because GitHub Pages may take a couple minutes to update to your repository’s latest merge. Also make sure that your source is being pushed to your master branch!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to reply back!


HI, thank you for your welcome…

Actually, I though that, but I replace the image yesterday and the image still the same. I also tried removing the image but the image still the same in master.


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It’s possible that the old image is cached and your browser is continuously falling back on that old image instead of displaying the new one. Have you tried browsing your site from another device or clearing your cache?

Yes, in every device, after cleaning cache, images still the same